In this world, you're just a kitten with a boat. Will you solve the puzzles, collect gold and become a True Pirate?

Made for Sylvie's Jam #1.


Reset puzzleRY

Press K to teleport yourself & the boat boat back to the main island if you get really stuck.


PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Adventure, Puzzle
TagsExploration, Open World, Sailing, Sokoban


Download 50 MB
Download 50 MB


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Nice job!! Really impressive how well you matched all the theming, and how big a sense of adventure you make with only a few moving parts.


noice but pls make a sprint mechanic


Agh this was so good! great puzzles and writing and sense of adventure! only problem is i pressed space again when i finished drawing the boat maze and it spawned a second one and now i cant escape boat version of hell! I wanted to see the jellyfish, but oh well, still an excellent entry! great work!


Thanks for letting me know, sorry you got stuck. If you want here is a build of the game with all items unlocked, so you can go straight to the jellyfish:

woah cool thanks! i'll check it out


The sprites were very good, all the animals were adorable. The ship's controls, while difficult, were comfortable and fun to move very fast once you get used to them.

The puzzles were also a lot of fun, ranging from basic ones that gradually increased in difficulty to ones that were a little more twisted.

It was a great piece that kept me excited all the way to the ending!


Thank you for playing and for the nice feedback! I enjoyed watching your video and hearing all your reactions :)


I was going to say mean things about this game but the kitty is too cute. Ship controls were in fact difficult but that's the meanest I can get because of how cute the cat is.