With nerves of copper and hull of titanium alloy, Bomberbot must infiltrate the Infinite Factory! Can you help Bomberbot explore the factory's halls and discover the treasure deep within?


  • A/D or arrow keys to move left/right
  • Move mouse to aim, left click to fire sticky bomb
  • T to show game timer (for speedrunning)



Bomberbot_Windows.zip 21 MB

Install instructions

Extract the ZIP and run "Bomberbot.exe".


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This is super fun. The movement mechanic keeps being interesting the whole time. At the end now I'm like...I want to play as the other robot and see what their movement is like, heh. Great work!


Worth noting, the levels are paced well. Slow but steady difficulty curve.


Thanks! Level design is tough for me so I'm glad it turned out well. I wonder how the other robot would move, hmm... maybe in a future game jam entry...


I just tried to beat it with no arrow keys, just bombing.  Turns out, when you place down 30-40 bombs and they all go off at once, the game doesn't really appreciate it...

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I think I need to restart Chrome.  I lagged the game so much that it won't load again...

EDIT:  I fixed it.  Restarting worked :)

And I also beat it with no arrow keys.  Yay!


I love it!  Keep making great games!

Thanks! I had a good time making this for the GMTK Jam, so I'll definitely try to participate in more jams in the future.

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My goodness, this is perfect! There could be some music and polish, but this is an amazing idea! Stupendous stuff!


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!